Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lackluster weekend leaves negative impressions

On a weekend where I was feeling down and depressed about the loss of my best friend (Pictured @ left), I really could have used some worthwhile mixed martial arts or boxing action to lift my spirits. So, with Bellator and the UFC both with cards and young boxing star Adrien Broner fighting on HBO, I figured I'd find what I needed somewhere. However, what I got was a lackluster weekend of action that left a couple of negative impressions and thoughts.

I'm not going to dwell too much on the action because really, there isn't much to dwell on; though I would be discrediting Bellator's Karl Amoussou's 56 seconds of work on Friday night. Amoussou (16-4-2, 4 KO's 9 subs), fighting in the finals of the welterweight (170 lbs.) tournament, made quick work of his opposition Bryan Baker by catching him in a slick heel hook submission during a scramble. Amoussou was the only main event fighter that looked impressive this weekend.

Now I know some of you might remark, well what about Adrien Broner's five round finish of tough Vicente Escobedo on HBO's Boxing after Dark? My response would be, while Broner looked his usual flashy, polished self enroute to his 24th victory without a defeat, he did it unprofessionally and unfairly. The former WBO Junior Lightweight (130 lbs.) agreed to defend that title against Escobedo, a former 135 lbs. lightweight contender.

Yet, while Escobedo put in the time and effort to make the weight, like a professional, Broner laughed in the face of the system and made no effort at all. He came in three and half pounds over and after stepping off the scale heavy, he immediately proceeded to rehydrate his body with fluids. He essentially told the system, "Strip me of my title and take part of my purse, I don't care. I'm going to do what I want because I am who I am."

Sadly, the system and even Escobedo agreed because in the end, "It's all about the Benjamin's baby." Promoters wanting to save the fight, which initially Escobedo wanted to scratch, made it happen by giving the opponent more money. This in the long run was going to be made up by the fight being televised by HBO Sports anyway, so after it's all said and done it's all a wash; but also a sham because the fight was not fought on even terms.

As for the UFC, not much to talk about as both the main and co-main events went to a one-sided unanimous decision and a lackluster split-decision. The more disappointing of the two without a doubt had to be the split-decision loss by Hector Lombard in his UFC debut. The former Bellator middleweight (185 lbs.) champ came in with much fanfare and hype, but alas it ended in disaster as he did not look impressive at all against contender Tim Boetsch. Boetsch has won his last four in a row, but I don't think anyone, including Boetsch, believes he's a serious threat to current UFC champion Anderson Silva.

Meanwhile, Lombard had won his previous 20 in a row and had not lost a fight since 2006. Many, including UFC President Dana White, were hoping he could be a legitimate threat in the middleweight division. However, after his performance Saturday night White was clamoring for Lombard to drop down to 170; need I say more? As for the interim bantamweight championship in the main event, Renan Barao bested Urijah Faber over five rounds; there's nothing more to say on that.

So, with nothing spectacular to chronicle on the fight front other than a lackluster weekend filled with negative impressions, let me take a moment to reflect on the photo above. That was my Siberian husky 'Deejay' who I had the unfortunate task of having to put down this week after he was diagnosed with cancer.

They say a dog is man's best friend and for 10.5 years since he was 8 weeks old, Deejay was mine. I knew that when this day came it would hurt; unfortunately I was right, but didn't realize how much. The anticipation of knowing I had to put him to rest and going through that with him was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. However, as bad as the pain is, I would gladly do it all over again if I knew I could have another 10+ years like the ones Deejay gave me. I'll miss you buddy; I already do. Easy!

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  1. I imagine you do, he was a great loving dog.


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